Vacancy to Vibrancy

Rejuvenating our communities in Erie County through the transformation of vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties.

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Interested in Donating a Property?

Sometimes a property becomes more of a burden than a blessing. The Erie County Land Bank can accept donations from individuals and organizations of properties that need to be rehabbed, renovated or demolished. In order for us to determine if we are able to able to assist you, we need to gather some information about the property, its location and the situation.

If you have a property that you would like the Erie County Land Bank to consider for donation, we would love to hear about it. 

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How Erie County Land Bank helped restore a neglected Millcreek home

Friday Oct 27th, 2023

Land Bank Executive Director discusses the revival of a once-decrepit Millcreek home.

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New Partnership Helping Millcreek Police Train for Emergency Situations

Thursday Sep 30th, 2021

Members of the Millcreek SWAT team on Thursday conducted a training exercise at a home on Cherry St. and W. Gore Rd.

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Land bank to demolish Union City house

Friday Aug 6th, 2021

Two houses in Union City acquired by the Erie County Land Bank could be for sale, while another house is slated for demolition.