Renovation & Development Opportunities

Owner Renovation and Development Program

Are you interested in a fixer-upper?  Your next project just might be purchasing and renovating a Land Bank property.

How it works

Purchasing and renovating a Land Bank property is similar to traditional home buying.  With the Land Bank, we'll need a few extra pieces of information from you. You'll first explore our properties page and see what is available. If you're interested in touring the properties, you or your real estate agent can reach out to our office and set up an appointment. 

Submit your offer

When you are ready, complete the application to purchase and renovate a home. Applications can be found attached to each available property or blank forms can be found here. Be prepared to include the following details:

  • Your proposed purchase price and expected renovation timeframe
  • Specific and clear intention for the end use and occupancy
  • Renovation Plan worksheet with cost estimates. 
  • Proof of funding

Wait for the review process

Land Bank properties that are slated for renovation or development typically have an application window of at least 30 days. Specific dates, any intake evaluation data, and the appropriate applications can be found for each property on the property detail page. 

Once the application window has closed, the land bank will review applications with the municipality, and qualified applications will go to our Board of Directors for review. This process can take 30 days or more.  Once awarded, the applicant will be notified, and the property transfer process will begin with our solicitor. Status updates can be provided by our office on an as-needed basis. 

Got it! let me search for properties