Erie County Land Bank Programs

The Erie County Land Bank is continually working to develop new programs to help address blight within Erie county. Some of our programs are designed for residents and others are requested through municipalities or organizations. Please click links below for details on each program.

Programs for Residents

Side Lot Program

Homeowners can purchase a land bank lot adjacent to their current property for a low price. 

Vacant Lot Program

Applicants can purchase land bank owned vacant lots, if both applicant and lot meets the criteria. 

Residential Renovations

Applicants can purchase a property under a developers agreement, and then renovate the property for personal use, rental income, or resale. 

Programs for Municipalities or Organizations

Demolition, Salvage & Deconstruction

The land bank will acquire blighted properties (vacant, abandoned, deteriorated, tax delinquent properties) with the intention of demolishing the property. Salvage and/or deconstruction may be applicable on a case-by-case basis.


New Program Ideas 

Our programs are currently in development. If you have a program idea you would like to discuss please:

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